The Roller Riddle

Riddle me this. How many gins does it take for me to say I’m going to start Roller Derby as a new hobby? One. The answer is one rather lovely, fragrant, cardamom spiced gin. And tonic. That, and a one hour windmilling wobble around a roller rink with some friends. One of which happens to... Continue Reading →

One Of These Butterflies Is On A Really Bad Trip

I'm doing panto (oh, yes I am!) Why? Bloody good question. I think if I remember rightly I was on a high from two months off work and full of, 'get out and be part of the community!' with a side order of, 'challenge yourself more!' So, that translated into auditioning for the local pantomime.... Continue Reading →

‘Genius’ Productivity Hacks You Need For This Year.

You probably know some of these already, they’re pretty simple. I actually have a sneaky suspicion this is just how the rest of the world lives life and I’m the only one not getting it. Firstly, music before Netflix – i.e when I want some noise in the background, don’t put a series on Netflix,... Continue Reading →

For the sake of…

I keep saying I hate New Year. And I just realised that's not strictly true. I'm actually looking forward to the new year. To 2019. What I really struggle with is the ending of a year. I get really reflective and everything takes on this huge symbolic meaning that quickly shifts out of my control.... Continue Reading →

Home Alone

  I'm a few weeks back off my holiday and just wanted to take a breather from the Christmas kerfuffle to share some stresses I've noticed from living alone. Having most recently been living with retired parents, there are certain nuances which were passing me by when I'm at work all day. Maybe you can relate.... Continue Reading →

The Jumpsuit of Panic and Dismay

I’m at the airport writing this. And am officially a visitor as I just did the souq then airport drop off trip. I’m full of shish tawook and fattoush and I’ve got henna peeling off my arm every time I take my rucksack on and off. The fine hairs on my arm are loving it.... Continue Reading →

Walking the swede. Little ‘s’

Do you ever start talking about something from your childhood, and realise that not only does the person you’re talking to not have any idea what you’re on about, but thinks you’re having them on because it sounds so absurd? No? Yes? Tell us more? Ok, welcome along to the debacle of, ‘Walking the swede’.... Continue Reading →

The Tiniest Book Club

  My most recent time away made me think. A lot. About life, the universe, how I spoke to that shop assistant back in 2003 and if I should track them down to apologise...but also about community. For more on why, read here. I knew I wanted to retain some of that when I came... Continue Reading →

Learning, growing, sleeping. A New Zealand retreat.

I’ve been away for nearly two months, and I’m straight back into a new role at work when I get back. I want to give this my all, spend time with my neglected family and all my important people, and keep my momentum with newly forming long term goals. I’ll be focusing on my health... Continue Reading →

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