The Tiniest Book Club

  My most recent time away made me think. A lot. About life, the universe, how I spoke to that shop assistant back in 2003 and if I should track them down to apologise...but also about community. For more on why, read here. I knew I wanted to retain some of that when I came... Continue Reading →

Learning, growing, sleeping. A New Zealand retreat.

I’ve been away for nearly two months, and I’m straight back into a new role at work when I get back. I want to give this my all, spend time with my neglected family and all my important people, and keep my momentum with newly forming long term goals. I’ll be focusing on my health... Continue Reading →

‘Let’s Call It The Grasshopper’

I'm on a pet sit in New Zealand at the moment. It's in a pretty secluded spot so I'm training myself to enjoy the downtime, and finding things to do. On Mondays there's a yoga class in the local community hall. I decided it'd be a good excuse to get out of the house and... Continue Reading →

‘Henna party’ memories

This picture took me back to one of the most random and wonderful experiences I had in Qatar. Through working with and getting to know a local family, I ended up being invited to a huge Qatari wedding. It was an incredible experience, which I was so thankful to be included in. Two days before,... Continue Reading →

Rise, Warrior

Body balance class: a mixture of tai chi, yoga and pilates. I’m envisioning finding my zen in the middle of crazy busy daily life. Warning: I may not have fully embraced the spiritual side yet. My heart space needs some renovation, but it’s in the right place. Thoughts which go through your head when you’re... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the 20th Anniversary

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s known me for even the briefest time. So, I can’t quite believe it’s been 20 years since the Philosopher’s Stone came out, and I only realised via Twitter! In my defence, I was a little late to the Harry... Continue Reading →


I saw this on Twitter this morning, and it inspired me not only to get out of bed, but also to write a list longer than the 140 characters would allow. There are so many crazy, hopeless, frustrating and heartbreaking events happening at the moment. Things we're doing both to each other and to our Earth. It's making... Continue Reading →

Why It’s Not Just A Chai Latte

‘Let’s go for a coffee.’ ‘I’m going for a coffee.’ I say this a lot. It doesn’t just mean ‘let’s go for a caffeinated beverage.’ It means so much more. It means, ‘hi, I want to spend some time with you.’ It means, ‘I miss you.’ It means, ‘I heard you’ve got gossip.’ It means,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Is Coming…

I haven’t seen the Coca Cola advert yet, but I am going to a Christmas light switch on today, I’ve had my crazed picture taken with two separate huge Christmas trees, and I’m starting to hoard tins of Quality Street like I’m expecting some weird foil-wrapper-saturated apocalypse. Long story short, I can now openly talk... Continue Reading →

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