{And Pause}

It’s been a busy old time recently, which may account for me being a little quieter on here. Trying to be involved in as much as possible and create a whole life in as short a space a time as possible apparently means you end up running on empty – who knew?! There are also... Continue Reading →

Travel Companions

You are raggedy and old, with well worn soles, holes in the side. You are faded and scuffed and past your best. But you have been literally around the world with me and I can't imagine travelling without you. The dunes in Dubai, the gardens in Hong Kong, the train to Chiang Mai, the 6... Continue Reading →

For the sake of…

I keep saying I hate New Year. And I just realised that's not strictly true. I'm actually looking forward to the new year. To 2019. What I really struggle with is the ending of a year. I get really reflective and everything takes on this huge symbolic meaning that quickly shifts out of my control.... Continue Reading →

Hettie the Highwayhound

Hettie was born with a twisted spine. She wasn’t expected to live past the age of four. She’s now 10. When she runs, her back legs have to hop, her feet pushed together giving her some stability. When she turns a corner, it is cartoonishly adorable. Imagine, if you will, a highwayman of yesteryear sitting... Continue Reading →

Cheers A Very Much Lot

I’m now back in the UK, sat having a proper brew and catching up on Broadchurch. As I make plans to see all the people I’ve missed, I’ve decided I need to do something I’m not usually great at in real life – a thank you note. I always mean to, but then I get distracted,... Continue Reading →

Stop! Thief!

Did someone just steal the last six months? Because I have no idea where they went. At least if they were stolen they’ve been filled with literally amazing experiences, and generally had a fabulous time of it wherever they disappeared to. I do still have New York to visit, which I am very excited about.... Continue Reading →

My Miniature Georgian Adventure

Throughout this trip I have seen so many things. Some I have planned to see; huge tourist attractions, major cities, road trips. Some have been complete chance, and all the better for it. Skydiving in New Zealand, sitting by a lake in a tiny mountain town in California, shooting guns in Nashville. The Tiny Doors... Continue Reading →

Grits, Guns and Tequila

Nashville is where I fell in love with the South. And I will shamefacedly admit I really didn’t register it as being truly South before I got there… I had heard nothing but good things about Nashville, so I’ll be honest and say I was kind of expecting it to fall short of expectations. I’m... Continue Reading →

Thrift and wine time

Yesterday I took a ride in a clunking, rattling, dual colour (tri-colour of you count the rust) vintage Volvo into the beautiful town of Great Barrington. It’s just over the state line into Massachusetts, about a 20 minute drive from my house sit in upstate New York. My friend and I had a thrift shop recommended... Continue Reading →

The best bits of California

Starting at Budget car rentals at LAX. Picture 30 degree heat, no shade, a numbered queuing system even though you’ve pre-booked, and a forthright American lady shouting orders through a microphone. She did actually work for Budget, so I assume there was some purpose to the shouting. This doesn’t sound fun? Really? Ok, so it... Continue Reading →

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