Trust The Joy (Just Hold Your Breath)

Hello! Ever wondered what you’d do if you decided to upend your whole life and move to the opposite side of the world? The why doesn’t really matter, you can think up something really dark and dramatic if you like. But just imagine you’ve done it, you’re there, you look around what the hell... Continue Reading →

‘Henna party’ memories

This picture took me back to one of the most random and wonderful experiences I had in Qatar. Through working with and getting to know a local family, I ended up being invited to a huge Qatari wedding. It was an incredible experience, which I was so thankful to be included in. Two days before,... Continue Reading →

Let’s Do The Limbo!

It’s nearly time to go. But not quite yet. Just wait. Just a bit longer, a bit further. Flights are booked, but it’s not quite time to check in. The villa is getting back to its cave-like state, but I’ve still got an anxious knot about the amount of stuff we still need to get... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Life (*sanity*) Hacks for the Middle East

Ok, so these aren’t life changing, and I doubt they apply to the whole of the Middle East. They’re just some of the things here that make me smile (and rage) on a fairly frequent basis! It’s an incredibly short shortlist, so feel free to add your own! 😀 When booking a taxi, expect to... Continue Reading →

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