‘Henna party’ memories

This picture took me back to one of the most random and wonderful experiences I had in Qatar. Through working with and getting to know a local family, I ended up being invited to a huge Qatari wedding. It was an incredible experience, which I was so thankful to be included in. Two days before,... Continue Reading →

Let’s Do The Limbo!

It’s nearly time to go. But not quite yet. Just wait. Just a bit longer, a bit further. Flights are booked, but it’s not quite time to check in. The villa is getting back to its cave-like state, but I’ve still got an anxious knot about the amount of stuff we still need to get... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Life (*sanity*) Hacks for the Middle East

Ok, so these aren’t life changing, and I doubt they apply to the whole of the Middle East. They’re just some of the things here that make me smile (and rage) on a fairly frequent basis! It’s an incredibly short shortlist, so feel free to add your own! 😀 When booking a taxi, expect to... Continue Reading →

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