The Tiniest Book Club

  My most recent time away made me think. A lot. About life, the universe, how I spoke to that shop assistant back in 2003 and if I should track them down to apologise...but also about community. For more on why, read here. I knew I wanted to retain some of that when I came... Continue Reading →

Reinventing The ‘F’ Word

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Gail Honeyman I believe in signs. I saw this advertised, had it recommended then nearly walked into the stand it was in my current local bookshop. So, usual clumsiness aside, I just had to get it on Kindle. As much as I love print books I tend to get them... Continue Reading →

Dreary Weekend Cosiness

Liane Moriarty, Truly Madly Guilty I read this in a day. I had nothing else to do so I just cosied up with this and a blanket and several hot drinks, and cheesy pasta, and biscuits... Ok, I have loads I could and probably should be doing, but it was raining (torrential) and windy (gale... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Me It’s You, Mhairi McFarlane

My Mum mentioned this book to me a while ago and I ignored her. Oops. It was lodged in an essay-long Whatsapp and I didn't even look it up at the time. It was only when I was recently compiling a new to be read list that I scrolled back through to see what she'd said. This book... Continue Reading →

Not A Real Avery

The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne follows the life of Cyril Avery (not a real Avery, you understand), who is adopted by way of a hunchback redemptorist nun. I didn't judge this book by its cover, but by its title. It's a bit fancy and a bit inspirational at the same time. The blurb hooked me... Continue Reading →

Things A Bright Girl Can Do, Sally Nicholls

Disclosure: I think I bought this when I was drunk. Amazon is sneaky like that.  I must have been drawn to it for some reason, but it's not my usual fayre. Suffragettes, London, wartime, feminism... I do always like it when a book's chapters are split into the different characters, so you get a different... Continue Reading →

The Humans, Matt Haig

Acquired at Lytham Hall for 50p. The blurb was intriguing so I went with it as I loitered outside the loos. It's lovely. It made me think. It made me laugh. Read it. Just for for the list of life advice near the end. Even if you think, 'Aliens? Really?' Yes. Really. Read it. See... Continue Reading →

Soldier Boys and Luncheon

And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie ♦♦♦◊◊ I normally associate Agatha Christie with Poirot, endless cups of tea and digestives, the refrain ‘I’m sure this was on yesterday’ and a beautiful woman who was taken too soon, or Dr. Who and a huge alien wasp. I recently admitted I’d never actually read any of... Continue Reading →

I have become aware that this problem demands an alternative solution…

The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden, Jonas Jonasson Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ There are too many funny and wonderful quotes to be found in this novel by Jonas Jonasson. The whole book grabbed me from the very first sentence. I don't want to ruin the plot, although at times it's too ridiculous to be believed anyway!... Continue Reading →

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