{And Pause}

It’s been a busy old time recently, which may account for me being a little quieter on here. Trying to be involved in as much as possible and create a whole life in as short a space a time as possible apparently means you end up running on empty – who knew?! There are also no short cuts to making friends and building a support network and routine in a new place. Which is annoying for the control freak in me, but undeniably fun in the new things I get to try.
So whilst I’ve been quiet on here, I have been busy writing, getting envious of truly amazing writers like Phoebe Waller-Bridge and then wondering if there’s any point even trying any more. But I decided you can either be intimated or you can learn. So I’m choosing to learn. Granted, at the moment that looks like watching Fleabag and Killing Eve and calling it educational, but you have to start somewhere.

I also got a part in a play (no I’ve no idea how either) and have been learning so much from the cast and director. I got told to work on my projection and after a few false starts think I have it figured. Charlie’s lessons in projection #1 (and only): Think of it as that very specific raising of the voice you do when trying to have a conversation with your aging parent. When they’re sat across the living room from you. Not looking in your direction. With The Chase on in the dying seconds and Mavis from Ipswich braving it on her own and within 2 steps and a ooh maybe a pushback of a 36k win. Perhaps unsurprisingly I think I got the hang of it fairly quickly.

Apart from that I’ve had a very enjoyable evening or two with my new cast friends sitting around drinking wine, reading lines and making up back stories for our characters. It feels marvellous to be making new friends, learning about something that started off as a ‘get out of the comfort zone’ challenge, and I am growing to love. My parents cannot believe I’m in a play at all and I’ve yet to broach the ‘is there a parents’ video of the show’ question with the rest of the cast. I think they’re still under the impression I’m relatively normal and I’ve found it doesn’t hurt to keep that ruse going as long as possible.

To keep me even busier and to explore more, I have been on another pet sit locally. And it made me recall that of all the sits I’ve done in various parts of the globe, it’s the cats who give me the most headaches. As loveable and cuddly as they can be, they have a whole different attitude to dogs. You walk into a new house and take charge of a dog and their outlook is, ‘ooh, a new hooman, a new friend! And oh my goodness you bring the food and you do the walks too?! This is too good to be true! We can be friends?? I have a new friend! Let me do all the wagging and all the jumping just in case you don’t understand I love my new friend!’
Cats, on the other hand, do the cursory once over and have the outlook, ‘Ugh. As if I didn’t have enough to do, I’m now expected to break in new staff?! Oh for the love of Pete, I do hope you’re better than the last one dear. Terribly chirpy she was.’
Of course I’m generalising, but it sure as hell wasn’t a pup I had to retrieve from a storm drain and a roof on the same sit in California. These kitties went easy on me in comparison, it was just my crippling need to be universally liked by all animals which took a bashing. I am positive that when I let one of them out for the first time she waited just out sight for hours just to hear my increasingly worried calls for her to come back. She went out without breakfast and sauntered back 12 hours later. That’s cats for you.

Well that’s all for now folks. I’ve had no more surf lessons yet for various reasons – it appears Winter has taken note of that nagging voice in the back of its mind telling it it had something important to do, and has finally shown up. Accompanied by big swells and the kind of conditions not ideal for a novice surfer. But I live in hope of a text from my instructor each weekend.
I’ve volunteered to be an extra in a short film so I need to go get dressed in my funeral outfit. Yes, you read that right. No, I have no more information to offer than that. I’m just going to keep saying yes to things and see what happens.

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