Just Say No, Kids!

Been having a lovely time getting to know my way around my new town. I’ve been to a food truck/ live music by the beach loveliness and I’ve been invited to a BBQ tonight! Don’t get too excited for me but I might actually make some friends! (Before the year is out anyway. Hopefully. Maybe. Ahem).

I have been saying yes to whatever I’m invited to or gets suggested because you just don’t know who or what is going to be your thing. BUT, the other thing I’m realising is to ‘just say no’. Specifically, just say no to feijoas. If you don’t know what they are, they’re a green, sweet, slightly medicine-y in a way I can’t pin down, fruit. They are EVERYWHERE. Everyone either has a tree or knows someone who does. And they do taste nice. You can eat them a bit like a kiwi fruit or a boiled egg, make them into chutney or make cakes with them.

However, there are SO many of them that it seems to become a kind of game. Like who’s going to be left with the most rotting fruit at the end of the season.  Not only are they in the supermarkets, kids selling them at the side of the road, a tree in your own backyard… friends, neighbours and indeed complete strangers will just give them to you. Sometimes with force.

Perfect example, I went to meet some people I’m going to petsit for today. They were kind and friendly and when I said in passing that yes I did like feijoas, I was sent on my way with approximately 2 kilos of them. Not only did the guy bring some in from the garden, but the lady literally emptied their fruit bowl too. And I was too polite (aka stupid) to say there’s actually a tree where I’m staying and I don’t need any. Then, I went to meet another person I’m going to do a sit for,  and missed the opportunity to palm some off with her! I am truly a novice at this game. In desperation I just messaged the person whose house I’m going to later, randomly asking if they want feijoas. Guess what? They have a tree. And are probably regretting asking the fruit wielding weirdo round to their home. Note to self: the future answer is ‘no thanks, I have a tree’. Or get better at pass the feijoa. 20190420_171024-01

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