Course I Want Jellybeans With That

20190407_103123-01It’s the weekend!!

Finished my first week in work and slowly getting to grips with life here.

Went to the theatre on Friday and ended up volunteering to help with front of house next week. As you do.

Today I’ve been revelling in bare feet and black sand. Also realising I need to look where I’m going as I got cut off by the sea while in a daydream about being able to surf. Perhaps a bit more water awareness before I get myself out there.

Yesterday I got some jobs done then went out for a few drinks in the evening. One of the jobs was asking a car salesman about car hire. And well, I ended up seeing/falling in love with a little Rav4. Basically I know I’ll feel lile Stephanie Plum driving it and that’s part of the reason I want it. My friend said I should buy it purely for that reason. I like my friend a lot.

So pending a test drive I will be getting around in a new-to-me car soon! Obviously after that, registration will open to pledge your interest in the roles of Lula, Ranger and Morelli. Those for Ranger/Morelli should attach a recent photo and a glowing review from a previous user…

Am I taking this too far? Ok while I’m not envisaging a change in career to bail bonds enforcement, I think I can keep up in the eating of fried chicken, donuts and making bad decisions stakes. Just no one drop a garbage truck on my car. It’s the only one I’ve seen that I both like and can afford.

Nothing much to report other than that. Work has been wonderful. I have windows. Trying not to let myself become the office weirdo in the first week, but cannot express how excited I am to walk into a room and be able to see OUTSIDE. Not only OUTSIDE, but THE SEA on one side, and a VOLCANO on the other. It’s blowing my mind and I hope I never get used to it.

Right now I’m sat on the beach watching surfers enviously, drinking a lime milkshake with jelly bean topper with the sound of the waves and strains of a guitar being played just up the beach.

Dogs are running about, kids are playing in the sea and the sand,  the sun is warm on my back and I just saw a woman in a full Iron Man outfit, complete with mask and sunglasses on top. Her dog was a bit off message with a rainbow crocheted vest and miniature sombrero ensemble. There’s a ‘rainbow run’ going on, and I’ve seen some people in tutus etc…but I prefer to think this lady just thought, ‘fuck it, this is exactly the outfit my Sunday requires and Toto makes his own choices.’

Anywho, the sand is warm and I have an Agatha Christie patiently waiting for me. Sidebar: Book Marple is way sassier than TV Marple. And I love it.

Happy weekend ever’body!

2 thoughts on “Course I Want Jellybeans With That

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  1. Not a lot of people can say that they have a volcano outside of their office. That’s pretty cool as long as it doesn’t blow up. Have a great time the beach sounds lovely. Xp


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