This Is Not A Drill! Or A Dream.

Alert! I am not on holiday! Yes, ok I haven’t worked in a month and I’ve been having a lovely old time, but I do start my new job tomorrow so it’s a timely reminder that I’m not on holiday here!

This is good because it means:

1) I didn’t dream it, I actually did move to New Zealand, and

2) All the brilliant places I’ve been shown round are still going to be there next week and next month, and I can explore them at my leisure.

If the weather is rubbish, that’s ok. I can come back to the beach/Mt Taranaki lookout/beer garden another day.

I’m reminding myself of this daily. I’m finding my bearings still. Next weekend I can go down to Fitzroy Beach, relax with coffee and maybe listen to someone play guitar. I can go on another bike ride by the river. I can take a picnic to the park or go to the Tea House if it’s raining. Who knows, maybe the fudge counter will be open this time.

I can climb Paritutu and see more of the stone carvings. I can work my way through the hot chocolate menu at the chocolatiers.

I can kind of, sort of, think about, maybe, (one day) taking a surf lesson. Well, yeah. I can watch surfers from the beach with a nice hot cup of coffee. Maybe paddle a bit.

I can sample every coffee shop in the area. At some point I guess I might find a car and somewhere to live. Probably in that order.

These are all the joys future me has to look forward to.

Today me has been soaking up the sun, going to the pub for tea and definitely not stressing about starting my new job tomorrow.

1 a.m. me may have different ideas on this subject but I’ll deal with her later. I’ll remind her how close the new job is to the chocolate shop. And the fact it has windows. The job, not the chocolate shop.

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