It’s Not Really Goodbye

There are all sorts of emotional good byes happening as I prepare to move again.

A perhaps unexpected one has been with The Tiniest Book Club. That’s not to downplay thier importance, I simply haven’t known these ladies very long. That said, the ‘leaving’ meet up last Wednesday was tougher than I was imagining.

I’ve been trying to think how to say this without sounding ridiculous, but hey, dammit, I’m proud. I set something up with a bunch of strangers and now they’re keen for it to continue after I jet to the other side of the world. I’ve made new friends. Friends I will be sorry to leave. Friends I’m still just getting to know.
It’s a confidence booster and an affirmation of doing scary things rolled into one.

Also this week, I’ve finished work. Which is odd, and welcome, and a bit more odd. It has been sad to say goodbye to people. I’ve been lucky to be part of a great team who have similar values, talk to each other and support each other. We got separated in a new work place recently so we go wandering, shouting ‘marco! polo!’ to find each other. We do press up competitions with amazing 80s anthems, ration out the biscuits and go for walks with and without coffee. I’m grateful for these people and how they’ve impacted my life personally and professionally. I hope I find the same in the future.

There are many more goodbyes to come in the next couple of weeks, as well as organising, packing, and figuring out where I’m going to live.
Slightly on that note – take the bizarre opportunities as they come up. Example: through someone I met randomly’s family member’s friends (reread it, it makes sense), I now have somewhere to stay when I land in my new hometown. Because I talked, went for coffee and sent an email. They have a boxer dog, which is the baffling information I’m leading with when asked about where I’m staying.

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