Do You Believe In Miracles?

Let me introduce you to the Miracle Morning.
Essentially a wonderful plan of making your day more balanced and productive.
Set aside one hour to work on yourself – read, exercise, meditate, journal, plan, and see how it transforms your entire day. Your life even.

I…Well. I read the book. I even made notes. You choose six things to do within the hour. I think. Truth tellin’ time? I was so excited to get started I may have skim-read the book. But here I am world, ready to live my level 10 life! If you don’t know what that is just add a gung-ho American accent and you’ll get the general gist.

So let’s do this! Hello new day! Hello Miracle Morning!

Day 1: Errrm, nope. Nah. Nooo.
Repeat x6.
Day 1 take 7: 15 mins snooze.
Breakfast – not part of suggested activities.
Reading my novel and drinking a brew. Not so level 10 but pretty enjoyable.
Headspace app 10 minutes – hurrah!!
Journal – ta dah! 😀
Reading – work related, very level 10.
To do list: check!
Day 2: Ok nope. No. Maybe…
Up, lamp on. Period from the depths of Hades itself.
Set up Headspace. Ooh, it’s taking a while to load. Just check Instagram.
Insta. Other Insta. Twitter. Ha, funny Trump video. Messenger. Facebook. Back to Twitter.
Ok, ok Headspace. Start planning to do list in the intro. Miss the point of day 4. Good breathing and noting. But. Ugh. Every time. Every. Single. Time. He says ‘now, let the mind wander’ I’m already more than half way into a day dream. Goal: be counting breaths at least once in the next 5 days so I can smugly transition into ‘let the mind go where it wants.’ Instead of guiltily focusing again as penance.
Writing: 5 mins. Alright, alright: 3.
To do list: New starter form.
Essay. Bastarding, fricking essay. Bane of my life, taker of joy, producer of tears and sapper of confidence…ahem…don’t watch so much Game of Thrones today.
Wine? Always wine.
Plan story! This is on a 48hr time limit and should be at the top! Eejit. So not level 10.

Day 3: …

Day 4: …

Day 5: Drunken chat with my brother in the early hours about my essay. Think I remember most of it so I’m hitting snooze when the alarm goes off.

The diary tails off after this unfortunately. It was over last Summer and I honestly did have the best of intentions.
I can see the point, in principle it works brilliantly. I have found that getting up for the gym works for me. I’m up early before work, then when I get back I’m motivated to sort out my lunch and have a proper breakfast, or at least take it with me. Which, compared to not sorting anything, surviving the morning on brews and then carb loading for lunch, is a vast improvement. I’ve also started making many more to do lists as they work for me, and budgeting a bit more intently for each month. I’m just not leaping out of bed at the ass crack of dawn to do it…
That might make more level 4 than level 10, but I’m a lot less cranky and stressed for it. I think, as with many of these productivity hacks and journals and life changing approaches, it’s not one size fits all. So it’s ok to admit that and take some of the stress away from it by cherry picking what works best for you.

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