This Is How It Always Is, Laurie Frankel

This focused on a topic I know next to nothing about, and it was wonderful. Claude is the youngest of five brothers and from a very young age he prefers to wear dresses and barrettes and carry a purse. But that’s not all this is.
The story of this whole family: Claude’s struggles, Poppy’s blossoming personality, Penn and Rosie’s worries as they try to navigate the best options and decisions for all of their brood, the chaos of the other four siblings, is enthralling.
Beyond the difficulties of secret keeping, questioning decisions and (I think) every parent’s fear of doing the wrong thing for their child, albeit for the right or well meaning reasons, this was a family I became totally invested in.
From bedtime chaos to individual adventures and missteps Laurie Finkel creates a believable, loveable, quirky family you can’t help but root for.
The dialogue structure (bear with) between Penn and Rosie was a bit jarring at first but once I got used to it, it seemed like the natural shorthand dialogue between partners in tune with each other.
Give this a whirl, you’ll speed through it. Easily recommend it for the plot, the family, and of course the adventures of Grumwald.

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