Sass and Snuggles

Been spending time with my niece and nephew this weekend. It’s always fun, and some of the things they say and the way their brains work make me laugh out loud.

They’re also still at the age where they’re unashamedly honest. Which is awesome, and at times, brutal.

Take this weekend for example:

‘I had a dream where me and you and Emma were having fun.’
Aw that’s sweet. Or, wait what? You mean you’re dreaming it’s true because you’re NOT having fun??

Well it’s 6.40 and you’ve been up twice for a poo since 5am. Also involving a PJ bottom change because we misjudged how far little boy pee can fountain when they’re sat down.
You’re now having cuddles and snotting on my PJs. What, this ISN’T fun for you?

Can’t wait until his sister wakes up. She of, ‘Uncle Mike is the most fun EVER. He’s amazing! I want to be at his house all the time because he’s SO fun!’ Cue half lidded side eye and eyebrow raise. The not so subtle, ‘up your game Auntie Charlie.’ I think I slightly redeemed myself with a flower strewn hair do and a couple of donuts.

But if anyone wants me I’ll be learning how to juggle, and sourcing a live unicorn…

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