This Is How It Always Is, Laurie Frankel

This focused on a topic I know next to nothing about, and it was wonderful. Claude is the youngest of five brothers and from a very young age he prefers to wear dresses and barrettes and carry a purse. But that’s not all this is. The story of this whole family: Claude’s struggles, Poppy’s blossoming... Continue Reading →

The Roller Riddle

Riddle me this. How many gins does it take for me to say I’m going to start Roller Derby as a new hobby? One. The answer is one rather lovely, fragrant, cardamom spiced gin. And tonic. That, and a one hour windmilling wobble around a roller rink with some friends. One of which happens to... Continue Reading →

Sass and Snuggles

Been spending time with my niece and nephew this weekend. It's always fun, and some of the things they say and the way their brains work make me laugh out loud. They're also still at the age where they're unashamedly honest. Which is awesome, and at times, brutal. Take this weekend for example: 'I had... Continue Reading →

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