‘Genius’ Productivity Hacks You Need For This Year.

You probably know some of these already, they’re pretty simple. I actually have a sneaky suspicion this is just how the rest of the world lives life and I’m the only one not getting it.
Firstly, music before Netflix – i.e when I want some noise in the background, don’t put a series on Netflix, put music on instead.
Chores before Netflix.
Gym before Netflix.
Actually, basically everything before Netflix.
If you do watch something, be present. Put the phone down. If it’s absolutely vital to send that message or scroll through Instagram, you’ll pause the programme. Yep, chances are it’s not that important.
And if you’re spending a ton of ‘down time’ mindlessly scrolling, you could probably be doing something more productive and have the down time later.
I’ve lost track of the number of episodes or sometimes whole series I’ve got to the end of with no clue what’s going on because I’m trying to do too many things at once. No, watching TV is not the be all and end all, obviously. But while I’m not being productive, I’m also not having proper relaxation time either. That needs to change.
‘Do it now.’ I’ve been working this phrase into my day because I’m so sick of things building up to a point where I’m ridiculously annoyed at myself. It’s really simple but if I do the little bits that I see as I’m going along, there’ll be less to do all at once when I just can’t take it anymore. I’m talking mostly about housework. I love a clean, tidy house. I’m just not such a fan of the cleaning and tidying part.
Write my to-do lists…and, um, use my to-do lists. Sooo much satisfaction from ticking things off.
Regularly use the apps that can help me, like Headspace. Use that to switch my focus. Count the joys rather than list the negatives.
Plan to do more with my day. How much can I fit in rather than coasting along.
Take some of my own advice about sleep routines, exercising regularly, bursts of time to relax so it feels luxurious. I have a tendency to procrastination, so losing a whole day to a book if I don’t have an absolutely pressing deadline is not unheard of. But, in the same vein as Netflix, I’ve read too many books recently which I can’t remember properly because I wasn’t paying enough attention.
I’m aware I’ve mentioned Netflix a lot. I think that’s because it’s been my go to for some pseudo downtime in a year where I’ve often felt like I’m running to catch up. I’ve either been 100 miles an hour chasing to get things done to do with my house, professional registration, interviews, legal paperwork…or on pause.
I think January needs to be a focus on meaningful relaxation time, and productive work time. I’m sure deciding to move country isn’t going to be stressful at all…


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