The Jumpsuit of Panic and Dismay

I’m at the airport writing this. And am officially a visitor as I just did the souq then airport drop off trip. I’m full of shish tawook and fattoush and I’ve got henna peeling off my arm every time I take my rucksack on and off. The fine hairs on my arm are loving it.... Continue Reading →

Caution: Lava

I’m spending a week in the Middle East. Qatar to be precise, visiting friends. Chasing some elusive vitamin D that I missed out on through spending the Summer (Winter) in New Zealand (woe is me, I know. I’m scraping through) while everyone in the UK was melting. Being here is odd in its lack of... Continue Reading →

Walking the swede. Little ‘s’

Do you ever start talking about something from your childhood, and realise that not only does the person you’re talking to not have any idea what you’re on about, but thinks you’re having them on because it sounds so absurd? No? Yes? Tell us more? Ok, welcome along to the debacle of, ‘Walking the swede’.... Continue Reading →

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