Dreary Weekend Cosiness

Liane Moriarty, Truly Madly Guilty

I read this in a day. I had nothing else to do so I just cosied up with this and a blanket and several hot drinks, and cheesy pasta, and biscuits…
Ok, I have loads I could and probably should be doing, but it was raining (torrential) and windy (gale force) and generally awful outside and I suddenly had no motivation to do anything more productive than read a book. Also, Kindle makes suggestions and it gets to a point where I just can’t ignore them because it would be rude. I love my Kindle, I don’t want to hurt its feelings!

But the book? Great! I almost want to read something rubbish because I feel like all my reviews are so positive… Ok, here’s a teeny tiny thing that started to get irritating, but I don’t know if that’s because I was reading it so fast. The reveal started to feel like it was taking a while. I mean, it did take a while and was really well done, but I was just getting to a point of, ‘ok this better be seriously good and not an anti-climax because you’re stringing this out now,’ when I got way more information and stopped getting mardy about it.

I also found the mystery surrounding Erika’s childhood a bit dramatic at first. Like it was overdone, but then later when she’s in her mother’s house (no spoilers, promise) it all came together and I felt like I understood why it had so much impact.

There was a delicacy in the way the two best friends are portrayed. An honesty in the way some friendships, especially long term ones, can be messy and confusing and even hard work. You see each of the characters learning about themselves and their partners and it all revolves around this one incident at a BBQ.

When the incident was revealed I realised my heart was in my mouth and I was completely invested in these characters. That feeling when you want or don’t want a certain outcome because these fictional people actually matter to you? I was right there with them.

I don’t want to give anything away but the way the pieces of the puzzle came together and the subtleties of it were really elegantly done.

I have read books from Liane Moriarty before, and I love it when I find an author where it’s not just one plot or set of characters that I like, it’s the skill of the author in whatever scenarios they create which draws me back too.


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