It’s Not Me It’s You, Mhairi McFarlane

My Mum mentioned this book to me a while ago and I ignored her. Oops. It was lodged in an essay-long Whatsapp and I didn’t even look it up at the time. It was only when I was recently compiling a new to be read list that I scrolled back through to see what she’d said.

This book spoke to me, I guess. It hit the nuances of the breakdown of a long relationship. The expectations, the hurt, the inability to just switch off the instincts – all there. All very real but without being overdone.

And more than that, a writing style I loved! Clear, funny, compassionate and realistic. And, and! A good plot. Not just a romantic, plucky girl picks self up and gets on with life, but a different plot with a story of her own which didn’t revolve around a new love interest. It had non-stereotypical characters and non-stereotypical situations.

I cried near the end, because I related to a lot of it, and well ok I cry easily. But also mainly because in recommending it my darling Mumma showed me she had understood more than I gave her credit for, about a really difficult time in my life. And for me that’s all part of loving and sharing books.


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