‘Let’s Call It The Grasshopper’

I’m on a pet sit in New Zealand at the moment. It’s in a pretty secluded spot so I’m training myself to enjoy the downtime, and finding things to do.

On Mondays there’s a yoga class in the local community hall. I decided it’d be a good excuse to get out of the house and talk to humans rather than canines so I went along with my $3 and joined in.
The hall was small, with a wooden floor and a small stage at one end. There was a group of about 15 of us in the end, and I bagged a space near one of the heaters, in the hope that it would eventually crank into life.

The class was fun and hilarious and not like any yoga I’ve done in the past. The instructor seemed to pick moves out of a notebook at random rather than any sort of ‘flow’ as I’ve heard instructors describe before. It seemed a mix of yoga, pilates and general core strengthening.
‘I don’t know what this is, but I’m going to call it the grasshopper,’ was one of my favourite parts, and that was just the warm up.

I’ll definitely be going again, but I checked out the local ‘gym’ instead today. I was reliably informed it had a hula hoop, and some other equipment, including books. My kind of gym!
I drove down with one of the neighbours and it was another fun experience.
It was in a converted boat shed, the walls lined with books. There was a little gas heater, and mismatched gym equipment filling the available floor space. Apparently the local men use it as a club house on a Friday night too.

I did a little bit on the cross trainer, some core and bench work and basically had a chat.
Another lady came in part way through to drop her dog off with one of the ladies for sitting duties for the day. He was cute, partially blind, and needy to the point of the lady needing to pick him and put him on her knee as she attempted to use the rowing machine. He was quite content then and sat up tall, observing her efforts like a fluffy little personal trainer.

My concentration drifted in the chat about neighbours I didn’t know, and I picked out a couple of books from the surrounding shelves during my lacklustre workout. It’s raining again after a scorching day yesterday, so the plan for today is cosiness and books and not much else.

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