Goodbye Panda Eyes

I’m having a few friends round for a Tropic party with the lovely Neenie this week, so this seems a good opportunity to share my thoughts on the rest of my first order!

Firstly, the face wash is fantastic! Sorry, smoothing cleanser. This is coming from someone who doesn’t usually bother with stuff like that at all. Never mind toner and night creams and eye creams…I don’t even usually take my make up off before I go to bed.

It’s ok, I’ll give you a second to judge me. That’s fine.

You want another confession? I still don’t always do that. However, when I wash my face in the morning, I no longer leave traces of my mascara across my face, the hand towels, my bath towel…because:
This. Cleanser. Is. Fab.
Two teeny tiny pumps of it is all it takes to remove make up, including eye liner and mascara. I think the bamboo flannel (face cloth) that comes with it really helps. The weird thing is, the flannel doesn’t then become caked with mascara either, it rinses out really well. Oh, and it smells like you’ve been to a fancy spa. Winner, winner.

To be honest, I just got  bit giddy at the party and ordered a couple of things I wasn’t even sure I’d use. It’s way more than I’d normally spend on cosmetics, but given how sparingly it can be used, I think it’s actually a bargain! And having been brought up on teas that consisted of whatever was on BOGOF at Morrisons, that stuff is ingrained!

Now, I also got the hair care discovery kit. Neenie warned me I’d need to persevere with it, and I’ve got to admit I nearly gave up. In the kit are 4 products – clarifying hair wash, nourishing hair cleanser, hair feast and hair smooth. The trick is working out which combination is best for your hair. This took me a while. I think I’ve now got the hang of it. Yep, I’m talking about shampoo being complicated. Although maybe it’s not so much for everyone. My issue is having such fine hair I think. I kept ending up with it smelling great but feeling greasy or heavy a day later. I don’t actually like washing my hair every day – it’s too long and I’m too lazy. With this though, I was initially fighting the urge to wash it again straight after with my one of my old shampoos.

Neenie was brilliant with extra advice on how to put them together, and I’ve since felt like I’ve got to grips with it. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to comb my hair through after washing it with just shampoo (cleanser) and not needed conditioner and to spray extra conditioning stuff on it to get the brush through. Even with a tangle teeze brush. I can’t be the only one who gets how amazing that is!

I really don’t think others would have as much of a struggle with the hair products as I did. But if you do, persevere. Because who doesn’t want to smell awesome and feel all virtuous and eco friendly at the same time?!

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