Miracle balm* *Not what it’s called.


Is there anything more annoying than hindsight. Looking at my hands at the moment, I realise I should have taken ‘before’ pictures.  But when Neenie handed me this pot of green gunk to try, advised me it smelled a bit like curry but would be good for my hand eczema, I was a bit dubious to say the least.

But, I gave it a try and whacked a bit on my knuckles. Particularly my thumb as it was leaning towards its ‘I’m going to crack and be painful and you’re going to have spend all weekend rescuing me before work on Monday’ phase. This sometimes morphs into the ‘ok where’s the bloody superglue’ phase, a tip I picked up from a friend who has struggled much more than I do with cracking, red, painful hands.

I used the Tamanu Balm in the evening and by the next day the redness had calmed down and the skin was softer.

I’ve used it much less than the hand cream I usually need to lather on several times a day. Little smudges where it’s most needed and I’m good to go!

My Mum tried it too, and came back for more. My Mum, who hates ‘gunk’ of any kind. Who I have to pin down (sometimes literally) just to get lip balm on to in Winter. She tried it once on a dry patch on her hand she’d had for months. Then came looking for the little pot the next day because she could already feel that it had improved.

It’s from Tropic Skincare, it’s called Tamanu Balm All In One Skin Saviour, and it works. Also smells slightly of curry.

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