Soldier Boys and Luncheon

20180128_143221-02_resizedAnd Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

I normally associate Agatha Christie with Poirot, endless cups of tea and digestives, the refrain ‘I’m sure this was on yesterday’ and a beautiful woman who was taken too soon, or Dr. Who and a huge alien wasp. I recently admitted I’d never actually read any of Aggie’s works and was advised to give this a try.

It’s had a bit of a name change, but ‘And Then There Were None,’ had a nostalgic tone I associate with 1920s dramas or Enid Blyton twee-ness. Only less ‘Five Go Camping,’ and more ‘One Does A Mass Murder.’ It was a quick intriguing read I managed to polish off in a day.

Ten people are lured to a huge house on a mysterious island, accused of murders by a disembodied voice, and of course it’s not long before the first person is poisoned…
You’re kept guessing as to the who the culprit is right to the end, or I was anyway. I tend to let the story wash over me as it is, and I read too quickly to pick up all the clues, so endings to plots like that are always a nice surprise to me.

I might try one featuring the Belgian detective next – I’ve seen each of the dramatisations so often, I probably won’t be able to decipher the endings to those either!

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