A Weeping Willow, A Narcissistic Mother, And Mysterious Pottery…

20180107_081626-01_resizedIn The Light Of The Garden, Helen Burch.

Two people recovering from the barrage of life. Mysterious pottery orders. A majestic but slightly sinister Weeping Willow tree. A touch of magic.

I loved the phrasing and description in so much of this story. From the first page I felt swept into it, one of those books where you can enjoy the way it’s written, just as much as (if not more than) the story itself.

The story? To me, it deftly explores the different elements of family, whether that’s the one we’re born into, or the one we find for ourselves. There is drama, intrigue, love and loss. As well as a dose of the supernatural. A little pick ‘n’ mix basically, which made for a leisurely and thoroughly enjoyable read.

I didn’t get chance to discuss it with my International Book Club, we gave up after thrice rescheduling the Skype date…However, the consensus was positive and I don’t think any of us would turn down a Helen Burch offering in the future. I would definitely like to see how her writing style brings to life other characters and magical plots.

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