Stop! Thief!

Did someone just steal the last six months? Because I have no idea where they went. At least if they were stolen they’ve been filled with literally amazing experiences, and generally had a fabulous time of it wherever they disappeared to.

I do still have New York to visit, which I am very excited about. I plan on being an absolute rebel and ignoring most if not all of the tourist attractions (ok, probably just the ones you have to pay for), and concentrating instead on food trucks, parks, and pretending I know my way around. It’s an awesome final stop on a trip which has already surpassed everything I hoped for.

But still. As I only have one highlighted flight left on my Emirates app, the ‘lasts’ are starting again. The last pet sit. Last hunt through the internet and picking people’s brains about where to go and what to do. Soon, it will be last hotel, last time I’ll pack my bloody rucksack (huzzah!) and last food inspired trudge around a big city. Hanger is such a great motivator.

That’s a sad look at this time though, so I’ve decided to think of it as nearly being the start of the ‘agains’ instead. Once again:

I’ll be able cuddle my nieces and goddaughters and cheeky not-so-little nephew, whether they like it or not.
My Dad will complain about the sugars in my tea and the price of fish and chips, but will secretly relish the extra trips to Lidl in search of milk.
My Mum will drive me mad and make laugh in relatively equal measure.
I will peruse family fridges in search of pork pies and I’m never sure what else. #sorrynotsorry
I’ll drink Prosecco while wrapped in a blanket in a heated gazebo – he-llo British Summer!
I will walk through Witch Wood in search of coffee.
I will wear an actual coat.

I will be with friends and family and only mildly panicking about my future. I will be home.

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