Thrift and wine time

Yesterday I took a ride in a clunking, rattling, dual colour (tri-colour of you count the rust) vintage Volvo into the beautiful town of Great Barrington. It’s just over the state line into Massachusetts, about a 20 minute drive from my house sit in upstate New York.

My friend and I had a thrift shop recommended called Boho Exchange. From the outside it’s a small white and yellow wooden house, with an open porch across the front.
Happily found bargains before I even got inside the shop properly – American Eagle jeans and an Abercrombie shirt for $5 each, just sitting there on the porch.

Inside I followed the narrow stairs up to the first floor, past swathes of scarves, battalions of shoes and beautiful coats just begging for Autumn to get here. The first floor was bursting at the seams with goodies, and I had a very agreeable rummage through the racks and baskets, accruing a few treasures along the way.
Having decided that when something is a bargain, it doesn’t really count as spending money, I’ll definitely be seeking out more thrift shops in the future, and perusing the charity shops at home a bit more closely!

Today has been about recovering from the hospitality at a lovely adopted neighbour’s house last night, and catering to the dietary needs of an nonagenarian pup. For those who are curious, gently warming dog food on the stove is slightly less appetising when you have a wine headache.


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