Stop! Thief!

Did someone just steal the last six months? Because I have no idea where they went. At least if they were stolen they’ve been filled with literally amazing experiences, and generally had a fabulous time of it wherever they disappeared to. I do still have New York to visit, which I am very excited about.... Continue Reading →

My Miniature Georgian Adventure

Throughout this trip I have seen so many things. Some I have planned to see; huge tourist attractions, major cities, road trips. Some have been complete chance, and all the better for it. Skydiving in New Zealand, sitting by a lake in a tiny mountain town in California, shooting guns in Nashville. The Tiny Doors... Continue Reading →

Grits, Guns and Tequila

Nashville is where I fell in love with the South. And I will shamefacedly admit I really didn’t register it as being truly South before I got there… I had heard nothing but good things about Nashville, so I’ll be honest and say I was kind of expecting it to fall short of expectations. I’m... Continue Reading →

Thrift and wine time

Yesterday I took a ride in a clunking, rattling, dual colour (tri-colour of you count the rust) vintage Volvo into the beautiful town of Great Barrington. It’s just over the state line into Massachusetts, about a 20 minute drive from my house sit in upstate New York. My friend and I had a thrift shop recommended... Continue Reading →

The best bits of California

Starting at Budget car rentals at LAX. Picture 30 degree heat, no shade, a numbered queuing system even though you’ve pre-booked, and a forthright American lady shouting orders through a microphone. She did actually work for Budget, so I assume there was some purpose to the shouting. This doesn’t sound fun? Really? Ok, so it... Continue Reading →

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