I saw this on Twitter this morning, and it inspired me not only to get out of bed, but also to write a list longer than the 140 characters would allow.

There are so many crazy, hopeless, frustrating and heartbreaking events happening at the moment. Things we’re doing both to each other and to our Earth. It’s making me think about our expiration date in a way I never have before. Which is a disconcerting thing to do.

So when I saw this column, shared by Miranda Hart, (who should make the list if only for her Maraccattack workout DVD, involving maraccas and a crab dance) I wanted to devise my own list. Some positive things to focus on, and be grateful for:

A cat doing that rapid, squeaky, out of control purr, usually in relation to food or the imminent expectation of food.

Talking about Jack Reacher with my Dad.

Making my Mum laugh. If it’s in response to something mean or inappropriate, all the better.

A glass of wine and a bowl of crisps.

The first cup of tea of the day. Two sugars. Piping hot.

A whole new season of a show I love popping up on Netflix without warning.

The sea. Anywhere.

Using Arabic bread with a smear of hummus as a scoop for diced up salad. This is Shater Abbas specific.

Ski holidays. The silence and oxygen of a chairlift when skiing. The feel of skis on fresh snow. Doing the careful heel-toe rock/waddle-walk in ski boots and managing to sit down in the crisp sunshine with a glass of Gluhwein and no spillages.

Washing your hair when it really needs it.

Randomly getting away without a hangover when you know you deserve one.

Gazebos, crisps, Prosecco, pizza, and show tunes with live piano accompaniment .

Getting to the point of running when it’s actually enjoyable.

Rereading any Harry Potter book and it having it be like a well worn comfort blanket.

My brother’s shift work meaning he’s available to talk when no one else is awake. His maddening mix of sarcasm and support.

Cocktails with my sister, ‘Megabucks’ and Sunday Fundays.

A perfectly poached egg.

My youngest niece’s expression which makes her look exactly like her Great Grandma.

Silly Snapchats from my brother in law.

When Bonfire Night is over and you can finally release your inner elf.

Free Wi-Fi.

Someone loving the same book as you.

Crispy roast potatoes and gravy, with a side of mash.

There’s more, there’s more, and some of this is trivial, and silly, but also fabulous and wonderful. It’s done me good to hit pause and think about the smallest things which make my day better.
Life is so much more than a Breaking News report. Enjoy the #nicethings








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