Harry Potter and the 20th Anniversary

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s known me for even the briefest time. So, I can’t quite believe it’s been 20 years since the Philosopher’s Stone came out, and I only realised via Twitter! In my defence, I was a little late to the Harry... Continue Reading →

The Fiji Experience Day 5. 2-6a.m. approx.

Have been listening to the pounding rain which was supposed to be a mere tropical shower batter the roof of my little rustic beach cave, sorry ‘luxury bure’ for the past 3 hours. And that was only since something hit the roof and woke me up. God knows how long it’s going to last but... Continue Reading →


I saw this on Twitter this morning, and it inspired me not only to get out of bed, but also to write a list longer than the 140 characters would allow. There are so many crazy, hopeless, frustrating and heartbreaking events happening at the moment. Things we're doing both to each other and to our Earth. It's making... Continue Reading →

Out of Breath and Full of ‘Maze. This is New Zealand

New Zealand was pretty overwhelming. Yep, I’ve been there before, yep it’s just a country, but blah, there you are, I’m struggling to find the right words. But the geek part of my brain is aware I’m two countries behind with my blogs, so I’m going to heed a dear friend's advice, 'Stop making excuses!' and... Continue Reading →

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