Australia. Aus. Oz. ‘Straya: So much far.

I cannot believe I’ve had six weeks in Australia and I have to leave on Monday! I already knew I loved this place, but it’s so satisfying to return somewhere and love it just as much, if not more. And yes, I do want to come back again, and again. It’s been said before, but... Continue Reading →

Why It’s Not Just A Chai Latte

‘Let’s go for a coffee.’ ‘I’m going for a coffee.’ I say this a lot. It doesn’t just mean ‘let’s go for a caffeinated beverage.’ It means so much more. It means, ‘hi, I want to spend some time with you.’ It means, ‘I miss you.’ It means, ‘I heard you’ve got gossip.’ It means,... Continue Reading →

Homewellness. It’s a thing.

Getting to Singapore and stumbling across a Chili’s just down the road from the hotel caused way more excitement than it should have. Sipping on a sweet and tangy strawberry lemonade, and waiting for my quesadillas (there was no Enchilada soup, I was devastated), I felt very content. Thinking on it now, it makes me... Continue Reading →

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