The Time I Got Ambushed In A Local Pub

I thought I’d gotten away with it. Spreading out flights, medium and short haul. Worked my way to Australia, keep moving every few days, no problem right? I thought so. A measly eight hour flight from Singapore should have been no problem for this little jetsetter. I arrived in Sydney, sought out a pub for... Continue Reading →

Culinary Exploration and a Little Soul Searching in Chiang Mai

I did a cooking class. Me. The one who can functionally cook, but has never been passionate about it. The one who likes trying new food, but has also been known to live off nothing but takeaway for literally three months. Me. A cooking class. And what’s more? Loved. It. And more again? It tasted... Continue Reading →

One Night (Too Many) In Bangkok

  Who are these people who have amazing idyllic experiences everywhere they go? Seriously, who? Because I want a word. Especially the people who write about Bangkok. If Hong Kong warranted a love letter, Bangkok needs a strongly worded letter to its mother. Or the customer complaints department. After not one but two trips there... Continue Reading →

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