If you can’t be good…


Well, my last week at work would be a lot less unsettling if people didn’t keep feeling the need to follow up their well-wishes for my travels with admonishments to, ‘be careful.’ Complete with pointed finger and unsettlingly long and serious look. I kid you not.

I’m smiling along, all, ‘thank you. Yeah, it will be exciting. That’s what I’m hoping! Erm, Hong Kong, Australia, US…wait, what?! It’s like they’ve just had a premonition or something. Wait! Cassandra! Come back! Where specifically do I need to be careful? What did you see? Were there any identifiable landmarks?
I swear, someone yesterday followed it up with, ‘don’t take any unnecessary risks.’ Then turned on their heel and walked away.

I think it’s fair to say, I’m now experiencing some low level anxiety about my trip.
Luckily, there’s a lot of excitement in there too, and procrastination is really my strong suit. So. I’ll back-burner the worries about my safety from well-meaning relative strangers, and concentrate on making to-do lists. I often find that just making the list makes me relaxed enough to not bother so much about doing the stuff actually on the list. It’s a well-honed skill.

Someone showed me recently how to make a ninja to-do list, involving a cross grid thing and items placed in relation to their urgency and importance. It’s awesome. I made one just before Christmas (because, Christmas), put it in my bag, and promptly chilled out.
That list is probably still in my handbag, and I did nothing on it except maybe go to the post office. Actually, that may not even have been on there. The point is, I relaxed enough to think straight, and that’s all that matters.

Anyway. I am mildly organised. I have random stuff very organised.
I have homemade, waterproof, drawstring bags to go in my rucksack. So I don’t have to unpack and repack the entire thing every time I want to find a t-shirt . In theory.
I have a fully comprehensive wash bag/survival kit, courtesy of my sister and brother in law. I have four different travel journals.
I have a list of essential items to pack. Somewhere.
I’ve signed up to a housesitting service, and I’ve got a hotel booked for our first stop – Dubai!

That last one is probably the most productively organised thing I’ve done. Ok, so the hotel was largely down to my amazing cousin. But, the housesitting was all me! We’ve not had any uptake. Yet. But, I’m sure they’re just playing hard to get.

Ooh, I’ve also located my passport! #win.

The next couple of weeks should be good and busy. Catch ups with family and friends, cuddles with the nephew and my nieces, locating to-do lists, and list lists, and maybe probably ticking things off.

Very importantly, meeting up with my travel buddy and making some plans that involve more than just the country we’re flying into. This will be a do-over meeting up, as the last one got side-tracked by cocktails in a fabulous basement bar just off Leicester Square, and a Sunday lunch so big I could barely waddle to my car to drive home.

This one will be different. I have a notebook. We will be focused, and organised, but most importantly (so I’ve been told) careful.

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