Let’s Do The Limbo!


It’s nearly time to go. But not quite yet. Just wait. Just a bit longer, a bit further.

Flights are booked, but it’s not quite time to check in.

The villa is getting back to its cave-like state, but I’ve still got an anxious knot about the amount of stuff we still need to get rid of. I’m ready to start packing, but not ready to zip up the cases.

I have this nervous energy and excitement which makes me feel just ready to go! But that’s tempered with a nostalgia and a sadness which lets me know I’m not quite ready to leave.
So, all in all, I’m pretty delightful to be around at the moment!

This feeling is so bizarre, and exhausting. Of being ready for the next thing. The next step. The next adventure. But I’ve not quite finished this one yet. Ramadan has just descended, which means last weekend was the last chance for cocktails at lovely hotels, and rowdy after brunch drinks. The luxury of going to Starbucks at 2 in the afternoon, and not having to plan lunch and dinner around Ramadan opening hours.

A lot of my work has dried up already, which means I’m twiddling my thumbs more than usual. Yep, oh woe is me without my full time job or kids. At least I read the wrong book for book club, so I’ve got that to look forward to!

The upside from last week was that my sister came to visit! After two years of me being here she made the journey all on her lonesome, to come and see what I love about the desert. And to have a little rest from being mummy to my gorgeous niece and nephew. It was brilliant to be able to show someone around, to remind me why I love it here when I’m having this feeling of just wanting be done with the place. We had some much needed sister time, and a fair few cocktails of course!
It meant that I packed things in to the last non-Ramadan time in a way I might not have without her visit. We went and got shawarmas at MIA and watched the sun disappear into the dust haze and the city lights come on. We got henna done at the souq, and had our girly chats by the pool drowned out by the incredibly loud minaret tower by the compound. I (mostly) stopped worrying about furniture and packing and the future, and enjoyed the place that I actually live in.
So, thanks Hayley x.

Actually, I guess that’d be a tip for anyone leaving in the future: get some last minute visitors in! It gives you a push to stop putting things off, to make sure you go and see or revisit places you want to before you leave. It gives you a fresh look at the place (especially if your visitor has never been before!), and if all that doesn’t appeal, just think of their spare baggage allowance for the return journey 😉 (because honestly, what visitor needs 30kg baggage allowance :D).

From the contentment of sitting by the pool at a luxurious hotel, to the utter joy of talking to someone who’s also seen that guy wobbling into traffic on his bike with the plastic policeman’s helmet on, this place is so beautifully, decadently, bizarre.

I have loved and loathed Qatar (but mostly loved) and I don’t think I’ll ever experience anywhere quite like it again.

Now, does anyone want to buy a double bed?!


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